The first in a series of posts in honor of Right to Life Week

“Black Gay Muslim Women’s Lives Which are Still in Wombs Matter” read no slogan ever. Many seem to be concerned about the dignity and rights of minorities and the downtrodden. I can empathize, knowing that many minorities aren’t afforded the same privileges as those whose identity/ies fall into “majority” categories. Just thinking about that ways that women are denied opportunities merely because of their distinct anatomical parts…that blacks are looked down upon as subhuman, is if slavery weren’t abolished over 150 years ago…that Muslims are accused of being terrorists, even though most schools of Islamic jurisprudence do not arrive to the same definition of jihad and interpretation of Sharia law as Wahabists…and that homosexuals are looked at as shameful perverts who want to rape children…is painful.

It’s painful to me as a human being to see my family members being hurt. Though I may oftentimes fall temptation to the sins of prejudice and pride, I strive to treat humans of all identity groups with dignity, no matter how different or foreign their identities are to my own. Though I do suffer myself in many ways, my gestures of solidarity are insufficient to console the suffering of those whose identities are systematically oppressed by society as a whole. I could only imagine what it would be like to live as a black, homosexual, Muslim female in America. The layers and layers of oppression, silencing, and hatred must be crushing! The only other identity combination that I can think of that could bring about more suffering and oppression than our black, gay, Muslim lady friend is an unborn black, gay, Muslim, baby girl. At least our friend has the chance to defend her dignity and fight for her own rights. The unborn baby is so greatly oppressed and silenced that she isn’t even able to march in a “[insert identity group] Lives matter” Protest! Who will march for her rights?! Who will stand up for her dignity by creating an Instagram hashtag?! It’s ironic that so many social justice warriors will try to create a platform for the voices of the oppressed, but will not even recognize those who don’t have any voice at all. So much for empowering the weak and downtrodden!

I highly doubt there will be many Black Lives Matter or Women’s March protestors carrying signs defending the rights of the most downtrodden of identities any time soon. The voices of the most defenseless and innocent will continue to be excluded from mainstream human rights rhetoric. But maybe this is less of an incentive to “pro-life warriors” to push for “unborn rights,” and is more of an incentive for all people to recognize the logical fallacies and general messiness of rights based ethics and identity politics.