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The Awkwardness of Catholicism in American Politics

Watching the scene in the Apostolic Palace yesterday was quite an uncomfortable experience, to say the least. What I loved most about seeing President Trump meet Pope Francis is that the implications of their encounter totally crack through our narrowly conceived categories of religion, politics, and culture. How do we package these two characters? They hardly fit into the boxes of ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ on which we’ve come to rely so heavily. This cringe-worthy extravaganza reveals just how much our dualistic notions of left and right, religious and secular, and good and bad are inadequate modes of expressing the realities which they seek to convey.  Continue reading “The Awkwardness of Catholicism in American Politics”

Breaking Free From Identity Politics

Check out my new article at Ethika Politika. It addresses our culture’s growing reliance on identity politics and the problems this poses.

God Chose the Benedict Option [1517 years ago]

I know it’s a little late in the game to write a response to Rod Dreher’s literary whirlwind, The Benedict Option, but hey, Matthew 20. As an educator at a Benedictine institution, I’d like to think that my opinion counts more than people who have no connection to the Benedictine charism whatsoever, so even more of a reason why you should care about my fashionably late response. Here we go: Continue reading “God Chose the Benedict Option [1517 years ago]”

Ascetics in the City: Integral Humanism in Benedictine Education

This paper was presented on April 1st at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas during the 2017 Symposium on the Advancement of the New Evangelization. Continue reading “Ascetics in the City: Integral Humanism in Benedictine Education”

Ideological Musings: dissenting in theory, assenting in practice

A small and slightly disturbing realization I recently had…Perhaps I possibly do, maybe, kinda, believe that an unfettered open border policy is problematic….IN THEORY. Before anti-Trumpy people come out of their lairs to attack me, I realized that I can’t embrace the idea that our borders should categorically be open because of the “values” of diversity, inclusivity, and acceptance. This capitulates to the marxist vision of the classless, raceless, genderless society which rejects the givenness of reality and the subjectitude of man to the [divine] Giver. The ideal of the borderless society negates the necessity of distinct cultures with specific values and nuances by asserting a colonialist globalism that robs a people of their freedom to pursue the fulfillment of their human condition as they see fit. “There’s no truth. There’s nothing objective worth pursuing or defending. So forget the constructs of nation, culture, and borders. We don’t need them anymore. They only confine our ultimate pursuit of progress…”-meaning progress away from objective truth and toward the assertion of each individual’s subjective self-will…which ends up constructing sturdier and more divisive borders than Trump ever will. Continue reading “Ideological Musings: dissenting in theory, assenting in practice”

Reality and desire: Plunging into the abyss

Continue reading “Reality and desire: Plunging into the abyss”

Ideological Musings: In which I criticize Christian values

Warning: If you are a pro-life or pro-traditional marriage, don’t take my sarcasm too seriously. This is just a proposal, not an attack.

For some reason, I can’t help but scoff at the drivers whose bumpers bear stickers that rally for the Pro-Life cause. Am I supposed to be convinced that babies in wombs shouldn’t be killed, just because you put a cute bumper sticker with little imprints of baby feet, surrounded by “babies in the womb feel pain #LikeUandMe” written in Comic Sans? Am I supposed to go and vote for all pro-life political candidates now so that Roe v Wade can finally be overturned? And once it is overturned, will all citizens recognize the value of human life as a gratuitous gift rather than being a self-determined construct? Join the pro-life cause! Walk in a protest with us carrying signs with pictures of fetuses and bible verses on them! It will bring about an intensified awareness of the what gives meaning to the complexities and dramas that constitute human life! Continue reading “Ideological Musings: In which I criticize Christian values”

Mercy on Trump

WARNING: This post (which at times is flagrantly sarcastic and borders on being inflammatory)  is a projection of my own fallible theories. If you are an ardent progressive or Trump supporter, oops. Try to find it in your heart to forgive my ignorance (if it has yet to enter its last phase of transformation into a black hole). I am a sinner, just like YOU!

i2baint2bsorry Continue reading “Mercy on Trump”

Ideological Musings: ISIS vs. Islam

Two contradictory things that I feel obliged to point out. I advise you not to take my sarcasm too seriously. Continue reading “Ideological Musings: ISIS vs. Islam”

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